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Data Module #6: Storage, Backup, & Security

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Data Modules
Table of Contents

#1 - What is Research Data?
#2 - Planning for Your Data Use
#3 - Finding & Collecting Data
#4 - Keeping Your Data Organized
#5 - Intellectual Property & Ethics
#6 - Storage, Backup, & Security
#7 - Documentation



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Why Data Storage? What are my Options?digital storage options image

In Data Module #2, Planning for Your Data Use, you learned about the need to store and back up your data. We will now spend some more time on these concepts. By the end of this module, you will understand what data storage is, why it matters, and what your options are. You will also learn about backup strategies and security. When working on a major research project, you will want to make certain you store, secure, and back up your data so that you can access them throughout the life of the project. If you are considering long term storage, so that you or others may use your data, other storage and security issues come into play.







Image: Storage Media - Digital Preservation by Jørgen Stamp is licensed under CC-BY-2.5-DK