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Data Module #6: Storage, Backup, & Security


Secure Your Data

The security of your data is something you need to be aware of. You should know who can access your data and how easy it is to access. For example, if you store files in your Macalester Google account, they are secure because your password is needed to access them--unless you share the files with others. Generally speaking, this level of security is adequate for most projects. However, there are exceptions to this:

  • If your project involves approval from Macalester's Institutional Review Board, additional security measures for your data may be required. Frequently, this is to protect the privacy of individuals.
  • Data obtained from a third party source may come with restrictions on use and security. For example, you might be required to keep the downloaded data on a single computer, not connected to the internet, in a locked room.
  • If your research is a collaborative project (with faculty, an outside organization, etc.), they might require additional security measures or restrictions.

Image: by kreatikar under Pixabay License