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Citing Your Sources

This guide will help you cite sources in a number of citation styles...and help you keep those sources organized!

Why We Use Citation

  • To differentiate between ideas we borrow from others from those we come up with on our own
  • To allow our readers to verify the accuracy of our quotations and paraphrases from others' work
  • To show we "did the work" of finding out what others have said on our research topic and brought those ideas into dialog with our own

What is Included?

Citations always tell you

  • Who wrote the source material
  • What it's called
  • Where and by whom it was published,
  • When the source was published

Citation styles vary in how they present this information, but these elements are always included.

Write Well: The Secret Code of Citing Sources

Anatomy of a Citation

Sample Book Citation (APA style)

Sample Article Citation (APA style)

Campus Resource: The MAX Center

The MAX Center is a great resource on campus for help with writing and citing your sources. They offer a number of handouts on citation styles. They also provide tutoring services!