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Honors Projects

This guide provides information on doing research for a Macalester honors project, author rights, copyright, and the publication process.

Interlibrary Loan

You want to collect the best information and sources for your Honors project. Interlibrary loan enables you to access  journal articles, books, and many other materials that libraries from around the world own or subscribe to. Take advantage of this! Articles usually arrive within a day. Books often arrive within a few days, although if it is an international loan that will take longer. This page contains tips and contact information for interlibrary loan at the Honors level.

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  • Change your status in ILLiad: Go to Change User Information -> Status -> select Honors/Capstone- Undergrad in order to take advantage of the expanded privileges of requesting items from libraries all of the world and purchasing materials, such as dissertations.
  • For books, tell us what edition you want: There is an option on the request form to let us know if you will accept a different edition or not. If only the 3rd edition will do then tell us that.
  • Tell us any additional information about your request:  There is a notes field on the request forms. We will read your notes.
  • Spread out your requests, especially for books: You don't want due dates to arrive before you have had the chance to read all of the books you received.
  • Request rare items early: Rare or unique items can be hard to get through interlibrary loan. Give us as much time as possible. That are some things we cannot get for you, but we will be in contact to discuss this with you.
  • Request renewals: Lending libraries frequently suspend Macalester's borrowing privileges if we have an overdue item. Return items on time or request to extend the due date in order to help us maintain good relationships with other libraries.

Interlibrary Loan Guide: See this guide for extensive information about interlibrary loan policies and procedures.


Interlibrary Loan Contact: Connie Karlen 
651-696-6545 or