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Media and Cultural Studies

A guide to print and online resources available through the DeWitt Wallace Library for media studies, cultural studies, and the intersection between media and cultural studies.

Searching for Articles

Thumbnail: Magnifying glass iconThis page is meant to serve as a resource guide for scholarly material that contain articles for your research. Why use articles in your research? Scholarly articles (from scholarly journals) are great resources for you to use as they are peer-reviewed, can cover a more tailored topic in your field of research, or, as in the case of literature reviews, provide an overview of existing research conducted in that field. With the wide variety of interdisciplinary and disciplinary scholary journals available through our accessible databases, you're sure to find some articles on your topic on interest!

While you can always search for articles using the search bar on the library homepage, the results are pulled from a much larger, wider-reaching pool of resources that can sometimes not include content from all of the resources we have available! If you are looking for a different list of results or more specific articles, it's a good idea to go straight to the source, the actual database. Below are links to some of the databases that are likely to be most helpful for your research, both when you are just starting out and honing into more specific areas of research.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of Media and Cultural Studies, you may find yourself needing a database that covers a more specific area of study outside the more general realm of Media Studies and Cultural Studies. The box in the lower right has a list of some of those databases. If what you're looking for isn't listed, try searching through our entire collection of databases, which can be navigated to using the Quick Links Box.

Database Search Tutorials

Need some tips on searching for articles on databases? Here are some guides from the source.

General Research Databases

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A compiled list of more general, far-reaching databases to turn to in search of articles. These databases tend to be a good place to start your research or to get an idea of the published research on a topic of interest.

Subject-Specific Databases

A quick list of some of our more subject-specific databases that might serve as good resources after you have further developed your research topic or are curious about a more particular subject area of MCST.