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About Web of Science

What is Web of Science?

Web of Science is a rich collection of citation indexes that presents the citation connections between scholarly research articles found in the most globally significant journals, books, and proceedings in the sciences, social sciences and art & humanities. 

It provides a common search language, navigation environment, and data structure that allows you to search broadly across disparate resources and use the citation connections inherent to the index to navigate to relevant research results and measure impact.

Why should you use Web of Science?

When you use Web of Science, you follow what is often referred to as a Citation trail; it allows you to explore a topic and collect material by following a chain of articles that cite each other. This feature enhances serendipitous discovery and allows you to see the academic context of your sources and the scholarly conversation that is produced.

Web of Science is an interdisciplinary database that includes journal articles and other resources in the life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, and health sciences. The wide coverage makes it an important and powerful tool for searching citation trails because it may include titles not available through the library catalogue or other databases.