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Open Educational Resources (OER) Toolkit

A selection of the support and resources available to the Macalester community through the library and through the OER community

Find OER

Open Educational Resources take many forms:

  • textbooks
  • learning objects
  • courses
  • multimedia resources
  • data
  • question banks
  • ancillary materials

Target your search using the following OER hubs and search widgets. Sure, you could just "Google it," but targeting your search will be most efficient.

Ask a librarian if you don't find what you are looking for. Below, are just a few of our "go-to" targeted resources.

OER Collections, Open Access Books, and Search Tools –to get you started:

Defining and Finding OER

A great overview of Open Textbook collections from (3.5 min)

OER Support

Evaluating OER Materials

OER materials, such as open textbooks, are generally written by faculty or instructors of higher education. 
As with any scholarship or textbooks, the quality of the work needs to be assessed, and peer review comments may be available.