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Open Educational Resources (OER) Toolkit

A selection of the support and resources available to the Macalester community through the library and through the OER community

How to Participate in Open Education / OER

It's about sharing and collaboration...

Creators and users of OER materials are part of a community of sharing and collaboration. Authoring an open text book is not the only way to participate in the Open Education Resources Community:


  • Peer review texts in the Open Textbook Library
  • Evaluate with rubrics created by others to find materials for your course


  • Create or customize an existing OER / open textbook with the guidance of the DeWitt Wallace Library and the support of the Open Textbook Network and Rebus Community
  • Submit your new or customized textbook to the Open Textbook Library


  • Join the Rebus Community in order to find and create new opportunities for co-authoring or contributing to edited works, or peer reviewing other works
  • Start a new project or add your voice and subject expertise to an existing one–on the Rebus Community Open Textbook Development page
  • Explore the options available with a community publishing platform for research, drafting, reviewing and publishing
  • Add your comments and content suggestions to the OER Activity Sourcebook –it is being authored in Pressbooks in real time!

Open Education Network

Rebus Community