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Linking to e-resources

Using E-Resources in Teaching

Resources offered by the library can be used for teaching purposes, for example, by providing links to materials via Moodle. In some cases, the storing of the material in PDF or another format is prohibited in the terms and conditions of the resource. 

Avoid copying the URL directly from the address bar of the browser. These URLs often contain session-specific settings and they can stop working after a while. Instead, use permanent/persistent links to allow students to use the resource via remote access. Persistent links are permanent or stable links to an electronic article or resource from a library database that will allow a user to access the article at a later time. When linking to resources in library databases, it is best to use the persistent or durable links provided by the database because merely copying the URL will not work, as those contain session information which changes per user. The persistent link will also have our proxy information appended to it, which means that the link will work for both on and off-campus users.

Persistent links are available through most library databases.  See additional instructions for accessing them from a number of our resources below:

How to link an e-resource to Moodle

  1. Log in to Moodle. Open the course and turn editing on.
  2. Click Add an activity or resource. Choose URL and Add.
  3. Type a name for the resource, e.g. source.
    E.g. Author. Year. Title. [Article in e-journal]. Journal title. Volume (Issue), pages. [Reference date 10.8.2016]. Available in the Name of the database database. Registration required.
  4. Add the URL to External URL box.
  5. Choose New window under Appearance.
  6. Save.

User rights

The user rights of e-resources are specified in licence agreements. Normally, you may only use e-resources for the purposes of education, teaching, research and private study. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Do you need help with linking?

If you need further assistance with linking to e-resources, please send an email to the E-Resources Librarian.