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Empathy And Its Discontents

Resource Guide for the 2017 International Round Table

Empathy and Its Discontents - International Roundtable 2017

24th Annual International Roundtable: Empathy and its Discontents

Empathy is championed and challenged in equal measure by neuroscientists, human rights activists, arts critics, psychologists, philosophers, and commentators from many other fields. This roundtable seeks to bring these sometimes collaborative, sometimes conflicting perspectives together in one place.

This guide is a selection of resources across the disciplines meant to give some showing of the scope of discussions on empathy.


Paul Bloom is the Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science at Yale University.

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Aminatta Forna is an acclaimed novelist and memoirist. Forna is currently a Lannan Visiting Chair at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

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Wing Young Huie is a photographer, for over 30 years Wing has captured the complex cultural realities of American society.

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Patience Zalanga is a photographer documenting the Movement for Black Lives.

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Macalester International Roundtable

Every October, Macalester hosts the International Roundtable, a community-wide and globally-focused forum exploring critical issues from a variety of perspectives. Macalester invites speakers, academics, practitioners, community members and performers to offer their work and experiences to galvanize student engagement and prompt global thinking through plenary sessions, student-led workshops, and campus-wide activities.

See previous roundtable papers in the Macalester International in Digital Commons.

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