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HIST 394: Treaties to Land Back

A guide covering Federal Indian Law resources


Use this guide to locate: secondary sources (books, articles, and, news) and primary sources (treaties, historic maps, and statutes) related to Federal Indian Law. This guide is not intended to be a comprehensive summary of all issues, but it does offer links to resources that may be helpful starting points for those who are interested in digging deeper into these topics.

Getting Started - Print Sources

Getting Started - Articles

Additional Sources

Law Librarians for Indigenous Inclusive Citation Practices
An effort to advocate for the full and respectful inclusion of rules for citation to tribal materials in the Bluebook.

Native American Constitutions and Legal Materials
The Law Library of Congress collection contains a variety of Native American legal materials. The Law Library holds most of the laws and constitutions from the early 19th century produced by the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole who were forced to leave the Southeast for the Indian Territory after passage of the Indian Removal Act in 1830. Some of these documents are in the vernacular languages of the tribes. This collection includes 19th century items and those constitutions and charters drafted after the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act.

Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project (University of Oklahoma)
A project between the University of Oklahoma Law Center and the National Indian Law Library to provide access to constitutions, tribal codes, and other legal documents

Native Nations (Udallo Foundation & University of Arizona)
This site provides Native nations with a comprehensive set of tools (interviews, research, and examples) to support the process of constitutional reform.