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Citation: Research Management Tools

There are a number of ways to keep your research materials organized. Here we feature a few of our favorite tools.

Zotero is an easy to use application for organizing your research materials, sharing them with collaborators, and citing them in a wide range of citation styles. It's simple to set up and begin using, and it's free! Check out their Quick Start guide and the next Zotero page in this guide to get going.


Mendeley allows you to store and organize your research materials, share them with others, and annotate documents. It is free to use.

Choosing the Tool That's Right for You

Every reference management tool has its features...and its bugs. This handy diagram from University of British Columbia's library sums up the differences in three commonly used tools.

Image courtesy of Koerner Library, University of British Columbia

RefWorks is a tool for storing and sharing your research materials, and citing them in commonly-used citation styles.

RefWorks is supported by the library. To set up an account, use your Macalester email address.