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If you're interested in leaning in to the serendipitous nature of research, and you are able to browse our physical collection at the DeWitt Wallace library, check out these books on the fourth floor of the library:

B (Philosophy)                                                              BH (Aesthetics)

BC (Logic)                                                                     BJ (Ethics)

BD (Speculative Philosophy)

And also these books on the third floor:

HQ1101-2030.7 (Feminism)

Other Library of congress categories have sub sections about ethics, such as:

BF 47-50 (Ethics of Psychology)

GN 33.6 (Ethics of Anthropogy)

LB 1779 (Ethics of Teaching)

PN 4797 ( Ethics of Journalism)


Places to find Ebooks

Ebooks on Ethics

Ebooks on Philosophers