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Open Access

A guide to open access for Macalester faculty, staff, students.

Pre-Print Servers

Pre-print servers exist for the purpose of sharing manuscripts that have not been peer reviewed or published. Preprints: The What, The Why, The How

Preprint servers are a way for authors to share and receive feedback, and the platform may provide mechanisms for others in the field to provide feedback on the article before the author submits to a potential journal publisher. Preprint servers, in addition to preregistration of articles, can help authors claim priority on the research and findings. Once posted, articles are typically citable and cannot be removed. Authors, see 7 Benefits of Publishing a Preprint

The following are pre-print servers; many are hosted on OSF at

  • AfricArXiv - arts & humanities, business, education, engineering, law, life / health sciences, physical sciences, social sciences (OSF)
  • agriRxiv - agriculture and allied sciences
  • Arabixiv - Arabic languages (OSF)
  • arXiv.orgastronomy, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology and, most recently, statistics
  • bioRxiv - biology
  • ChemRxiv - chemistry: analytical, biological, computational, inorganic, materials, organic, Ooganometallic, physical; Also nanoscience, polymer science
  • ChinaXiv - multidisciplinary, but science subjects more strongly represented
  • EarthArXiv - earth sciences
  • EcoEvoRxiv - ecology, evolution, and conservation (OSF)
  • ECSarXiv - electrochemistry and solid state science (OSF)
  • EdArXiv - education (OSF)
  • E-LIS - library and information sciences
  • engrXiv - engineering (OSF)
  • ESSOAr - earth and space science, includes conference posters
  • FrenXiv - pre-prints in French (OSF)
  • HAL - multidisciplinary, run by the Centre pour la communication scientifique directe, French National Centre for Scientific Research
  • IndiaRxiv - pre-prints from scientists of India (OSF)
  • LawArXiv - legal scholarship (OSF)
  • LISSA - library and information science (OSF)
  • MarXiv - ocean and marine climate sciences (OSF)
  • MedRxiv - medicine and health sciences
  • MediArXiv - media, film, and communication studies (OSF)
  • MetaArxiv - an interdisciplinary archive of articles maintained by the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (OSF)
  • MindRxiv - research on mind and contemplative practices (OSF)
  • NutriXiv - nutrition (OSF)
  • PaleorXiv- paleontology (OSF)
  • PsyArXiv - psychology (OSF)
  • RePEc - economics
  • RINarxiv - Indonesia pre-print server
  • SciELO Preprints - agriculture, arts, biology, earth sciences, linguistics, literature - based in Brazil and focused on Latin America
  • SocArXiv - social sciences (OSF)
  • SportRxiv - sports and related research (OSF)
  • Zenodo - multidisciplinary, hosted by CERN

See also: Research Preprints: Server List (open Google Spreadsheet created by Martyn Rittman)