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Towards Revealing and Creating a More Inclusive History of Macalester College


The DeWitt Wallace Library - in partnership with the Kofi Annan Institute for Global Citizenship (IGC), the Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching (CST), and the Department of Multicultural Life (DML) - invite faculty, student, and staff, and local alumni to participate in a pilot project related to the history of Macalester.  Members of the Macalester community who want to explore Macalester’s history in the context of  contemporary scholarly work on equity and diversity in the history of higher education and a critical history of Minnesota are welcome to join us on this 10-week journey, beginning the first week of February. Ultimately, our goal is to develop an outline to create a new, updated, inclusive, and critical history of Macalester College and this pilot project will lay the groundwork towards that end.

Steering Committee

Bea Chihak, Class of 2020
Angi Faiks, DeWitt Wallace Library
Terri Fishel, DeWitt Wallace Library
Ellen Holt-Werle, DeWitt Wallace Library
Donna Maeda, Kofi Annan Institute for Global Citizenship
Jennings Mergenthal, Class of 2021
Joan Ostrove, Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching
Kelly Stone, Center for Religious and Spiritual Life
Marjorie Trueblood, Department of Multicultural Life



First meeting of reading group (required).

Lunch provided.



Library Room 309



Future meetings will be scheduled according to best times for participants.