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Oberlin Group of Libraries - Resources for Furthering Efforts for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our Libraries

At the fall 2017 annual meeting of the Oberlin Group of Library Directors, a working group was established with the charge to help the Oberlin Group libraries become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations.

Upcoming Events

  • Diversity and Innovation Upside Down - Feb. 5, 2019, 12- 1:30 (Eastern time) NERCOMP presentation More information on their website -  "Studies show that diverse organizations are more innovative—but what if this was also true in reverse—that by intentionally facilitating a culture of innovation, you can proactively support diversity and foster an inclusive culture... This engaging webinar will showcase three campus initiatives that demonstrate how to go beyond basic diversity training and move you to take on concrete actions that shift your organization toward a culture of inclusion and participation. This session will be live via Zoom. The session will not be recorded."

  • Equity In Action Online Course.  This online course covers collections, programs, services and staff cultures.  Live interactive sessions on Tuesdays - Feb, 26, March 5 and March 12 from 2-4 p.m. ET.  More information and registration cost on their website.

Upcoming Conferences


Cultural Competency

How to Start Training Your Staff to be More Culturally Competent - PLA 2018 Conference.” 2019. Accessed 1/25/2019

(Includes slides, lesson plans, self-assessment worksheet.)

Online Training Programs

Ann Braden Program - Catalyst Project for Anti-Racism - a 4 month long program.  From the website: "2018 Anne Braden Program, a four month-long anti-racist training program for white social justice activists. This reading list and the homeworks have been developed over the last ten years with input from our brilliant constellation of mentors, organizers of color and movement elders. You can form study groups with friends, family, or fellow organizers. Or you can do the homeworks with people you work with. Or read and do the homework on your own. However these best serve you, we hope that you can apply the learnings to bold, badass work to change this world. We need it."