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Art History

Asian Art Overview

In addition to the resources you find elsewhere in this guide, here are a few specific tips and resources to help when researching Asian Art. In library classification, you will find relevant information in both the area histories section, as well as in the art sections of the physical and online print and media materials collection. Literature sometimes comes into play as well. Photography however is not with art, it is with Technology in subclass TR. Ceramics and glass are in Technology too, subclass TP. Similar interdisciplinarity is true for databases as well. Call number areas of interest:


History - Organized by area of the world Art - Organized by medium

DS67-79.9 Iraq (Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia)

DS101-151 Israel (Palestine)

DS251-326 Iran (Persia)

DS401-(486.8) India (Bharat)

DS701-799.9 China

DS801-897 Japan

DS901-937 Korea

N5300-7418 Visual arts generally - History

NA190-1555.5 - Architecture - History, subdivided geographically

  • NA1540 - Chinese architecture

NB60-1115 - Sculpture - History, subdivided geographically

  • NB1055 - Japanese sculpture

NC1300-1766 - Drawing - Pictorial humor, caricature, etc., subdivided geographically

  • NC 1709 Manga (AKA "Comic books, strips, etc. - Japan")

ND49-111? - Painting - History, subdivided geographically

  • ND 1050 - Japanese painting

You get the idea... 


Selected Subject Encyclopedias and Relevant Works

Important databases

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