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POLI 205: U.S. Politics and Policymaking

A library resource guide for POLI 205: US Politics and Policymaking

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News Resources

Databases with Legal, Federal, & Congressional Content

MN State, County, City Legislation Links

Selected (other) States' Government Portals

U.S. Legislation

A Word About Searching Social Media

Social media research is a broad term that covers research using social media platforms. Social media platforms serve as a source of data on people's opinions or behaviors, among other things.

Social media research can be quite valuable; it provides researches across many disciplines with access to peoples' opinions or behaviors that would be difficult or impossible to gather via other means. 

Keep in mind: all social media platforms are controlled by the corporations that own them. This has major implications for how one interacts with a platform - many platforms have some sort of restrictions on the automated gathering of posts, for example. Pay attention to Terms of Service for each platform.

(--adapted from American University Social Media Research LibGuide)

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