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HIST 394: Treaties to Land Back

A guide covering Federal Indian Law resources

Accessing Legal Journals

Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: History, Culture & Law (HeinOnline):
This database contains 25 serial titles including:

  • American Indian Journal

  • American Indian Law Review

  • Decisions of the Interior Board of Land Appeals

  • Indigenous Peoples' Journal of Law, Culture and Resistance

  • Interior Board of Indian Appeals

  • NARF Legal Review

  • The Indian Law Reporter: This work is a comprehensive and unique source that reports cases—primarily in full-text format—from federal, state, and tribal courts, as well as administrative agencies. The publication is an essential resource for every individual, agency, government, and other institution that needs to keep abreast of developments in indigenous American law.

Law Journal Library (HeinOnline):
Search beyond the American Indian Law Collection linked to above, to search across all legal journals hosted on HeinOnline. This Law Journal Library has grown from a small collection of law reviews to a multidisciplinary journals database spanning tens of millions of pages. Its coverage is comprehensive and includes works from 60 different countries, as well as 50 states and the District of Columbia. The journals in this database span more than 1,500 research subjects. To find jounals related to American Indian law, try typing the following into the title field: Native OR Indian OR Tribe OR Tribal.