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Podcasting 101

Walkthrough of the podcasting process, along with tips, tricks, and references for creating podcasts.

I need to make a podcast...

A podcast is a digitally recorded audio file that can be downloaded or streamed for listening. Podcast content is as varied as the hosts who produce them. They can be long or short, serious interviews or comedic parodies, groundbreaking research or fictional stories that last for 5 minutes or span several episodes.

As class assignments, podcasts are usually created by students or pairs of students on a general topic selected by the professor. Podcasting helps hone research and interview skills and integrates layered and nuanced storytelling.

You might use podcasts in a class to:

  • Conduct scholarly research
  • Learn and hone interview skills
  • Synthesize research for a general audience

This process isn’t necessarily linear. Research is done while doing interviews. You may revisit and rewrite your scripts throughout the process. The editing process will change the language you use.

Books on Podcasting

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