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DEI Learning Group: "In Whose Honor?"

"'In Whose Honor?' takes a critical look at the long-running practice of "honoring" American Indians as mascots and nicknames in sports. It follows the story of Native American mother Charlene Teters, and her transformation into the leader some are calling the "Rosa Parks of American Indians" as she struggles to protect her cultural symbols and identity. 'In Whose Honor?' looks at the issues of racism, stereotypes, minority representation and the powerful effects of mass-media imagery, and the extent to which one university will go to defend and justify its mascot."  --Kanopy film description

Also viewable in Kanopy

Possible Discussion Questions

  • When the trustees and fans said that the portrayal of Chief Illiniwek was honorable, do you think they were sincere? Why or why not?
  • Why do you think caricatures such as Little Black Sambo and the Frito Bandito were banished long ago while the Cleveland Indians logo remained until last season?
  • Do you notice Indian names and stereotypes, or have you become deadened to them? For instance, when you see a TV commercial or magazine advertisement for Jeep Grand Cherokee, do you make the connection that Cherokee is the name of an Indian nation? If you don't notice the use of a racial stereotype, is that a form of racism?

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