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DEI Learning Group: Blindspot


Harvard's Implicit Association Test (IAT) Online

Possible Discussion Questions

1. Before reading this book, how familiar were you with the concept of implicit association/unconscious bias? How did that affect how you approached the book? How have any of your ideas on the topic changed or evolved?

2. What most surprised you as you read this book?

3. Can you remember a time that you realized something you were quite certain about was wrong? How does that experience inform you today?

4. The authors define a category as “a collection of things having enough in common so that it is convenient to treat them as kin,” and they use social categories like race, ethnicity, and gender in a lot of examples. What other categories do we use to create shortcuts? How does that affect behavior and decisions?

5. The “Us and Them” chapter talks about in-groups and out-groups. When have you been a part of one or the other? What did that look like or feel like?

6. What are some ways that blindspots impact us in our work at Macalester?

7. How can we help each other avoid blindspots?

8. Add your own questions!

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Further Readings

To enhance your experience in the topic, we’ve listed several continued readings below. The links will direct you to the DeWitt Wallace Library’s online catalog. And guess what? All of the items are available at Macalester College, so you can check them out today!