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AMST 226/HIST 226 American Indian History since 1871

What are primary sources?

Primary sources are documents that were recorded or written down at the time an event occurred. Primary sources can include diaries, letters, speeches, photographs, newspaper articles, government documents, and much more.  

To find primary sources that are part of materials owned at Macalester (and other libraries), you can use a keyword search in the library catalog adding selected terminology such as archives, correspondence, diaries, manuscripts, personal narratives, personnel records, or other phrases such as "records and correspondence," or "notebooks, sketchbooks, etc.

Primary Source Collections

Subscription and Open Access Online Collections and Finding Aids


Rare Materials

These materials and others may be viewed by making an appointment with Archives and Special Collections.

  • late 19th c books in the Neill collection
  • PIPE student org material
  • student activism around athletics and mascots, such as Ted Turner coming to campus, who was (part?) owner of the Atlanta Braves baseball team
  • material in the Walker McCannel Collection discussing the YMCA and their “Indian Guides” and “Indian Pricesses” programs in and around the 1970s