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Data Module #5: Intellectual Property & Ethics

Review of Module #5

Let's Review

Congratulations! You have completed the Intellectual Property & Ethics module. Take a few minutes to check your understanding of the information covered in this module by answering the following questions. Once you've gone through each question, click on the "CHECK YOUR ANSWER" link to see how you did.

1.      You've created an infographic of traffic flows in the city of St. Paul. You used publicly available data measuring the amount of traffic on roads through time. The design of the infographic was your own. Would your infographic be copyrighted?

     a - No, because the infographic is based on non-copyrighted facts.

     b - Yes, because it is a creative expression of non-copyrighted facts.

     c - Partially. You can copyright the images and map you created, but not the content of the infographic.


What do you think?



2.      Which of the following is not a basic element used when citing data?

     a - Access location of the data

     b - Title of the data

     c - Date range covered within the data

     d - Publication date of the data


What do you think?    


3.     For which of the following activities would you need to seek Macalester Institutional Review Board approval?

     a - Using a survey to gather feedback on an event held by a student organization

     b - Interviewing students about their sleep patterns

     c - Performing an observation of student usage patterns of library spaces

     d - Tracking rat behavior modification through the use of reward and punishment

What do you think?