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SOCI/ INTL 280-01: Indigenous Peoples' Movements in Global Context

Resources useful for the projects in SOCI 280-01

Getting Started

This is an excellent resource but a bit tricky to navigate. 

Good to know:

  • Find the link to Documentation on the main page.
  • Main & Legal Documents link will lead you to finding information by region by clicking on Organizations & Governments (top right).
  • Pleas be aware that Keyword searching boxes are available on different pages and would produce different results.

Scholarly Conversation

News Resources

Historical Newspapers

International Organizations

Organization websites with lots of primary documents, research, and current context information. Can be difficult to search and browse to find what you want. It can help if you know specific details about what you are looking for, such as the title of a report or its author(s). Be persistent with your searching.

Legal & Policy