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Data Module #2: Planning for Your Data Use

Review of Module #2

Let's Review

Congratulations! You have completed the module Planning for Your Data Use. Take a few minutes to check your understanding of the information covered by answering the following questions. Click on the "CHECK YOUR ANSWER" link to see how you did.

1. What term is used to describe the stages that data goes through during a typical research project?

     a - Data planning

     b - Data lifecycle

     c - Data analysis

     d - Data validity


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2. What are some of the benefits of planning for use of data in your research? Name at least three.

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3. What is the formal planning document called which outlines how a researcher will handle their data?  It is increasingly being required by funding organizations and journal publishers.

     a - Data Dictionary

     b - Data Log

     c - Data Management Plan

     d - Data Notebook


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