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Research Data Management: Citing

To provide information about data management, literacy, tools and services.

Data Management

Documentation & Metadata
Backup & Security
Publishing & Archiving

Citing Data

A citation for a dataset should include the following:

  • Author/ creator of dataset

  • Publication/ release data (if data was temporarily embargoed)

  • Title

  • Publisher/ Distributor

  • Identifier/ URL

  • Access Date

Follow the guidelines of the style you are using for your research paper. Not all style guides provide specific guidelines on how to cite data. In which case do your best to adhere closely to the guide's standards.

Often there will be multiple versions of a dataset available. Make sure you cite the exact version(s) you used.


Tools & Resources

RefWorks is a tool for organizing and sharing your research materials, and citing them in a wide range of citation styles. You will need to create a login while you are on campus. 

Zotero logo

Zotero is an easy to use application for organizing your research materials, sharing them with collaborators, and citing them in a wide range of citation styles. It's free. Works best with Firefox.