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Research Data Management: Teaching

To provide information about data management, literacy, tools and services.


Instruction Sessions

The following instruction sessions are appropriate for students with any level of research experience. 

  1. Overview of Data Management Best Practices: This in-class session will provide an introduction to important concepts and practices involved with working with research data. The following topic areas are all covered briefly: 1) Defining research data and different types of data, 2) The data life cycle, 3) File/ Folder structures, 4) File naming, 5) Security, 6) Ethical use of data 7) Publishing and 8)Documentation & metadata.

  2. Finding Data: This in-class session will go over strategies and resources for finding relevant data for a student's research project. It is most appropriate for students who already have a research question in mind, though it can be useful if a topic has not yet been chosen.

  3. Individualized Consultation: Your students can set up an appointment to meet one-on-one with a librarian to discuss their specific research data needs.

Please contact Aaron Albertson ( or Ron Joslin ( for setting up a session for your class.

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