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ANTH 230-01: Ethnographic Interviewing

Library Resources for Anthropology 230

Reference Collections


Worldcat (Books, Government Docs, More)

Media from and about subcultures

These are ideas for searching for information by and about your chosen subcultures.

  • Websites: Your subculture might have it's own website or sites for advocacy or affiliated organizations.
  • Archives: Libraries and other institutions/ organizations often have archives to keep records of their history. Some of these will be online. Others you could contact or visit. For example, Macalester College archives, Minnesota Historical Society Archives, union archives, informal organization archives, etc.
  • Social Media


Newspaper Resources



  • Look for data cited in the academic literature. Scholars will often cite the data they used and where they found it. Or, if the scholars have collected data themselves you can contact them and ask them to share it with you.
  • Search the web. Add words like 'data', 'statistics', or 'survey' to your search.
  • Think about who might collect your data. Government agencies (e.g. U.S. Department of Labor), or advocacy and professional organizations (e.g. American Trucking Associations) are a couple examples.