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Planning the DeWitt Wallace Library Future: community conversations: Digital Publishing and Projects

A resource guide for relevant articles and books that discuss changes in academic libraries.

Conversation Starters

• The digital environment is changing how we locate and access digital content, so how do we best preserve born digital materials?

• What should be our role in contributing to improving digital literacy?

• Data Science is a growing field, look no further than Macalester College’s new Data Science Minor. What role should the library play in supporting Data Science on the campus?

• Are there ways we could be improving our institutional repository, the Digital Commons@Macalester, and improve dissemination of Macalester faculty/student publications?

• Audience generated topics?

Background Readings

A Current Snapshot of Institutional Repositories: Growth Rate, Disciplinary Content and Faculty Contributions. Ellen Dubinsky.  Journal of Scholarly Communication (August 1, 2014) (

From Written to Digital: the new literacy. Philip Ventimiglia and George Pullman, Educause Review, March 7, 2016. Abstract: "Both the 21st-century economy and the careers needed to fuel it are changing at an unprecedented rate. Students must be prepared for nonlinear careers, pivoting to match the ever-changing work landscape. We thus need to rethink not just how we teach our students but what we teach our students."