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Planning the DeWitt Wallace Library Future: community conversations: Collections

A resource guide for relevant articles and books that discuss changes in academic libraries.

Conversation Starters

• How can we ensure our collections provide the best support for the curriculum?

• Our collections include print, videos, sound recordings, streaming videos, streaming audio, digital journals and digital reference materials.  Where do you start your search when looking to see what we own in our collections?

• How can we best use pay per view and purchase on demand options and increase ease of use for our community members? 

• How will open access affect the ongoing development of our collections?

• How can we continue to preserve the college history and grow our Archives and special collections in a digital environment?

• How can we leverage collections such as the Hathi Trust to support our community needs?

• Audience generated topics?

Background Reading

"Open Access Drives Change in Libraries and Scholarly Associations", Sigrid Kelsey, Phi Kappa Phi Forum 96, no. 1 (Spring2016 2016): 26-29. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed January 19, 2017).



BLOG: "Concerted Thought, Collaborative Action, and the Future of the Print Record" December 16, 2016.  Announcing the launch of a white paper. "The working group on the Future of the Print Record has developed a white paper, a working draft of which is embedded as a PDF below. We now seek comments on this draft in order to continue developing the argument as well as our proposed solution. A discussion of this draft will be held at the MLA Convention in Philadelphia on Friday, 6 January, at 1:45 pm in the Marriott, room 401-403. We look forward to your feedback."